Friday, April 18, 2014

*Five for Friday*

If you read last week's post you know that I got all my wisdom teeth out last Thursday.  I ended up with 2 dry sockets, and immediately thought of my neighbor who uses Essential Oils.  She gave me a sample of clove, and it helped SO much...looks like I will be joining the oils bandwagon! 
Someone needs to inform my sweet baby to stop growing so fast!  I love watching her grow and become more playful everyday, but it would be great if she could slow down a bit.

I've been working hard this week getting some new resources created.  Since naps haven't been too great this week there have been a few long nights, but I love making these resources!  I will have posts this week to show more about each of the products below.

Grayson had jellybeans for the first time and he LOVED them!  We sorted the jellybeans by color before, okay, while eating them.  We will do more Easter activities today and over the weekend that I will share with you next week!

It is Freebie Friday again!  You can download the Color Sorting Mats to use for sorting jellybeans or other items with your little one!  Enjoy!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more information about giveaways I'll be having this week!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I've Been Working On...

This week, we are doing some Easter activities since Easter is this Sunday!   I'll have a post on what we did later this week.  

Our next theme will be BUGS!  We started this a little early with our caterpillars.  You can read more about that with my Metamorphosis with a Preschool posts.  I recently finished my Bugs Preschool Pack and I am so excited to start using it with Grayson!  Below is a preview of all the resources you can find in this pack.  
Next, I will be finishing up my 'Super Syllables Literacy Centers'!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Metamorphosis with a Preschooler: Part Two

Grayson has loved watching our caterpillars grow (and Daddy has, too).  They have gotten big so quickly, and will be turning into chrysalises soon.  Last week, we did a couple caterpillar crafts together, and my shirtless toddler is a sign of warmer spring weather!

Egg Carton Caterpillar
Grayson had so much fun making his caterpillar.  He wanted to take turns painting, so Mommy even got a turn!  I would recommend using a paperboard egg carton if you can.  We used Styrofoam because that is what I had on hand and the paint was beginning to flake off.  Modge Podge came to the rescue, but I will not use Styrofoam in the future.  We have been working on identifying our numbers to 6 so it worked out perfectly that we could number our caterpillar, too!

My Caterpillar Name
Since we have been working on Grayson's name I wanted to do an activity where he could put the letters of his name in the correct order.  My Caterpillar Name workpage is what I created.  He was able to put the letters in the correct order and he even was able to practice writing his name!  We sang his name to the tune of "Jingle Bells" while pointing to each letter and he was singing it the rest of the day.   
You can get this activity in my Bugs Preschool Pack!
Stay tuned for Part Three next week!

Friday, April 11, 2014

It's Friday Again!

It's Friday again and it's been a busy week...

We were able to enjoy the nice weather this week before G got sick again.  We all had a blast playing outside together!
We started a garden in our backyard last year, and we were able to get some tomatoes and cantaloupes.  This week, we started our garden for the spring by planting some tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, strawberries and herbs .  Grayson and I will be starting carrots and beans from seeds next week, too.  I'm hoping we get more produce this year, but we will have to wait and see!

Grayson is loving watching our caterpillars grow!   He sits and watches them until he gets to see them move, and then he provides commentary about what they are it!  We have been talking about how our caterpillars will be changing into chrysalises soon.  I will post on Monday with a couple caterpillar crafts we did together.   

 Yesterday was NOT a fun day!  I finally had my wisdom teeth pulled out.  I had been told for a long time that I needed to have them removed, and I finally did.  Let the healing process begin...wish me luck!

 Finally, it is Freebie Friday again!  This week I am offering some printables from my Easter Preschool Pack!  Download your freebie below!
 Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is such a beautiful time of year...grass is turning green again, new leaves are growing and flowers are blooming!  After the winter we've had, it is time for some nice spring weather.  Unfortunately, this spring has brought a lot of sickness with it and the little man is feeling under the weather again.  Luckily, I can bring a little spring inside with activities from my Spring Preschool Pack when we aren't well enough to go outside. 
Every preschool pack comes with a song and word cards to introduce the unit and for your learner to use in their writing, drawings or activities during the unit.
 We have been working on Grayson's name, so I only used the letters of his name in the ABC Match Tot Tub. 
We are going to sort by size using these mats and picture cards. 
 We have been working on our numbers 1-6 and this Number Match Tot Tub will help reinforce what we have been practicing.
You can get these activities and more in Spring Preschool Pack!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What I've Been Working On...

Easter is just around the corner, so it's time to pull out the plastic eggs, Easter baskets and food coloring!  I just finished my Easter Preschool Pack with fun Easter-themed activities for you to do with your toddler or preschooler!  
Easter Words Cards
Little Bunny Song
Easter Words Workpage
Egg 'Color by the Letter Ee'
ABC Puzzle Match Center/Tot Tub
Make-a-Match {Letters} Workpage
What's Missing? {Letters} Workpage
Alphabet Dominos Center/Tot Tub
Circle that Sound {Initial Sound} Workpage
Rhyming Center/Tot Tub
Make-a-Match {Rhyming} Workpage
What's Missing? {Rhyming} Workpage
Tracing Center/Tot Tub
Scissor Practice Workpage
Size Sorting Center/Tot Tub
Extending Patterns Center/Tot Tub
Complete the Pattern Workpage
Number Matching Center/Tot Tub
Count the Chicks Workpage
I am enjoying creating my preschool packs and am looking forward to making more in the future, as well as, other preschool resources and bundles. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Alphabet: Letter Gg

Yes, my son's name is Grayson.  Yes, he knows how to spell his name.  No, he cannot identify the letter Gg. He tends to get the letters G, C and O confused, so it is time for us to focus on the letters in his name.  I will begin doing a letter of the week with him in the fall, but for now I want to teach him to identify and write the letters in his name.   

We started with doing a tactile letter Gg by gluing on glitter and sequins.  You can get this for free below!
We completed the letter Gg page for his Alphabet Handprint Book.  He used his fingerprints to make grapes on the page. 
We worked together on the 'All About the Letter Gg' workpage.   We read the keyword pictures together while I highlighted the letter Gg, then we dotted the letter Gg together.  Grayson was able to tell me whether each letter was a Gg or not, but he wanted to dot all the letters...silly boy!  Next, we wrote the letter Gg together while chanting "around and in" for the uppercase G and "around, up and hook" for the lowercase g. 

Finally, we did the 'Color by the Letter Gg' workpage.  We colored the crayons first and then 'coded' the letters on the page before coloring in each section.  He was able to differentiate between the upper- and lowercase Gg!  You can get all these resources at my TpT Store.
While working on all of the letter Gg activities we sang together...

Letter Factory Alphabet Sounds
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell
The Gg says /g/
The Gg says /g/
Every letter makes a sound.
The Gg says /g/
We also had to have some Tech Time to work on the letter Gg.  Grayson enjoyed watching Gus the Goat from the Frogstreet Press and playing on the Starfall App on Mommy's iPad!
I am so happy that Grayson can now confidently identify the letter Gg and tell me the sound is makes!  Next up, letter Rr!