Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ready for Writing?... A Flash Sale!

Okay...let me start by saying that I created this on a whim...last night!  It wasn't on my to-do list, calendar or planner, but it happened...and I LOVE IT!  I had one of those "I gotta do it now" moments and went to town!  My plan was to create a cute Chevron Stages of Writing Chart to go with my classroom package and decided mid-creation that I needed to go a little more in depth.  I LOVED doing Writer's Workshop in my classroom, and even though it looked very different in kindergarten and first grade the organization stayed the same.  

I decided to create a packet that would give you all the resources you need to get an organized and structured Writer's Workshop set-up in your classroom.  

You can get it 20% OFF TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY! So be sure to check it out!

Hit the Jackpot Giveaway!

My new Vegas friends and I are teaming up for a Back to School giveaway!  
Enter to win all of the products below that will be a great resource for starting back this August!  Good luck!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's Get Trashed!

We celebrated Grayson's 3rd birthday last weekend, and it was pretty crazy!  Planning a birthday party knowing that I was going to be out of town for 3 whole days before the party was a little hectic, but I made it work.  There is a local church that has an amazing playscape for the kiddos and they set up the tables and chairs before you arrive, so all you have to do is come in, decorate, play and take-down!  Problem solved!  I just knew that I had to have everything ready to go and ordered before I left town.

I was planning on giving Grayson 3 choices of party themes for him to choose from and go from there.  Well, if you read my Vegas post, you know that my son is obsessed with garbage trucks.  So, I decided to nix the 3 choices idea, and simply asked him if he wanted a garbage truck birthday party...he was beyond excited about it!  We heard garbage truck party this...garbage truck party that for the next month!  I started working on getting everything ready and even had to make my own garbage truck 'clipart' (I will NEVER make clipart...EVER)!  I think all the decor came together pretty nicely and it was cut and ready-to-go a week before I left for Vegas...woohoo!  

Saturday morning...my husband and I got home from the airport at 2:45am.  Need I say more?!?!  We were both exhausted, but Grayson was so excited when he woke up and Mommy was home!  I had been telling him before I left that when Mommy comes back, it will be his party...and he definitely did not forget!  It brought the biggest smile to my face when he came in my room at 7:00am and said "Mommy, you're home!  I missed you, Mommy! Ahh, I love you, Mommy!  Mommy, it my party today?"  Oh, I love that sweet boy!
Everything came together pretty smoothly that morning.  I was so thankful for the help of my mom and mother-in-law who helped get the cupcakes and garbage truck cookies, as well as, helping decorate and clean up!  Family makes everything easier...don't you agree?
Grayson had a great time, and all his friends did, too!  They played, ate, opened a TON of gifts, played some more and then headed home.  We had a great day and I am so thankful with how everything turned out!  Happy birthday, Little Man!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Five for Friday & Top 5 TpT Tips I Learning in Vegas!

I'm linking up with Becky from Teaching, Learning and Loving AND Doodle Bugs Teaching to share the Top 5 TpT Tips I learned in Vegas on Five for Friday!  So, here goes...


Seriously, have you heard of PICASA?!?!  I hadn't until the TpT Conference and I am in LOVE!  It is absolutely amazing!  Not only does it store all your images but you can create collages SO MUCH EASIER than what I was using before!  If you don't have it...GET IT NOW!

Promo/Product/Terms of Use/Credit Page

Some of my products have one, and some of them don't.  I NEED to be better about adding all of the above information to my products, but I never have the time once I finish!  Now I have a one stop shop for ALL the information I need!  Let me know what you think!  I would love any suggestions or advice!

Accelerating Your Store Success

The session that I found most beneficial (although all of them definitely were) was presented by Erin Cobb from I'm Lovin' Lit!  Let me tell you...I am LOVIN' her!  She was so real and gave some amazing tips!  One thing that she shared was the support she has from her husband.  I shared some of what they do with Jared, and (fingers crossed) he said he would love to help me make my store more successful!  It takes a village people!

She also gave some advice on how to update your store banner and other great tips!  


Jared's first job...purchase my domain!  I did it...I have a domain!  Isn't it great...
...NOT SO MUCH!  Jared second job...figuring out how to transfer everything to my new domain!

Making Connections!

I met SO MANY wonderful TpT Sellers at the conference, and I have been able to keep in touch with a few through email and Facebook!  I am so EXCITED about this new community of sellers that I now know.  And can't wait to see where our TpT Journey takes us!

Monday, July 14, 2014

What Happens in Vegas...

...turns into a blog post!

What a weekend!  I had such an amazing time in Vegas this week.  I was a little anxious about leaving my babies and almost packed them up with me and I think Kynlee had the same idea! 
 Thank goodness for Facetime, though! I got to talk to my little man each day and he was not too happy thrilled about taking a break from playing with G.G. to talk to me, too.  Of course, I had to send him a picture of the airport per his request!
Jared was supposed to go with me, but got swamped at work so my friend, Melissa, and I made it a girls trip.  It was just what the doctor ordered for these two mamas!  We had a blast!
We were sure to hit up Carlo's Bakery at the Venetian for a nutritious breakfast, and made sure to rub it in to the men at home.  There is no doubt we looked a little ridiculous as we attacked the most amazing box of pastries I have ever eaten...oh my!  Buddy...please open a bakery in Fort Worth...PLEASE!!!
I wasn't planning on getting the little man something during my trip because his birthday party was this weekend, but Melissa and I stopped in our tracks when we saw a toy garbage truck!  Grayson is OBSESSED and I mean really obsessed with garbage trucks!  If you don't believe me just wait until his birthday party post.  Not only did I find a garbage truck, but it actually WORKS!  My son would not be bothered by playing with a garbage truck that you cannot dump trash into, pack and empty...he's just not having it!  


Now, onto the first TpT conference!  It was absolutely amazing!  I have been behind my computer working solo for 3 years now and was beyond excited to meet teachers that not only have a TpT store, but even some that work from home...AMAZING!  It was just what I needed to feel excited and reenergized about the craziness that is my life!

I met Becky from Teaching, Learning and Loving who is also a stay at home mom!  We met by chance at a session and I am excited to stay in touch and work with her.  We also met Deanna Jump, among other amazing TpT Top Sellers and learned SO MUCH!
The fire has been set and I am ready to stay in touch with some new friends and SUPERCHARGE my SELLER SUCCESS!  Looking forward to next year! 

Don't forget to enter my Pirate Preschool Pack GIVEAWAY...it ends tomorrow!

Friday, July 11, 2014

*FREEBIE FRIDAY* Daily 5 Management System

Time for another Daily 5 Freebie!  This is a new and improved management system similar to this one that I created a while back.  This goes great with my new Chevron Collection that I am working on!  This packet includes some extra cards and ALL of the text is editable!  You can download this on my Facebook page!  Enjoy!

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